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Has your boiler broke down due to freezing condensating pipes in the cold weather - we have the solution!


Most recently we have completed work on hundreds of properties to ensure central heating systems keep working effectively during winter.  We have installed an electric trace heater anti-freezing element on over 100 domestic central heating systems. The properties were identified as being at risk of problems by monitoring breakdown history.


Properties which have resulted in emergency call outs are recommended that the device should be fitted to prevent the condensating pipe freezing during cold snaps. The decision for many to go ahead with the service was made following previous harsh winters to ensure that residents are not left vulnerable to extreme cold. We feel that this preventive forward planning will mean residents will not need any future call outs for loss of heating during winter months.





Beat the Freeze! Anti Freeze Tracer Cables for Boilers


A Power Flush is an effective method of cleaning central heating systems.  It uses eco-friendly and anti-corrosion chemicals to fully clean your system.  This will stop damage to your boiler and radiators and make your heating more efficient.

Power flushing cleans a central heating system internally which improves radiator performance and heat output.

Our qualified engineers will drain your system and then flush all the components with the specialised cleaning chemical.  The system is then treated with corrosion inhibitor that will enable your system to have a longer life and prevent further damage.


  • Improved central heating efficiency
  • Eliminates radiator cold spots
  • Reduces boiler noise
  • Improved supply and circulation of hot water
  • Clean radiators, pipes and valves from future corrosion
  • Save on heating bills (by up to 25%)
  • Prolongs life span of radiators and extends boiler life
  • Faster heat up times, hotter radiators

We supported Gas Safety Week promoting gas safety to the UK's 21 million homes with gas.


As part of this campaign we ran a SPECIAL OFFER and are pleased to announce that we completed Gas Safety Checks on a number of properties within the Liverpool area.

Energy Saving Gadget a Winner!


A new energy-saving gadget is about to hit the big time.  The new CombiSave device, which saves water and fuel costs on combination boilers is now available to anyone with a combination boiler.

It can take up to a minute for a conventional combi-boiler to heat water, wasting water and gas.  The CombiSave valve can slash waiting time and tests at the University of Salford's 'Energy House' laboratory found that it can save 55,000 litres of water a year - worth up to £140 for anyone on a water meter - and cut gas bills by between £50 to £100 a year.

Mayfair Contractors Limited is pleased to announce that we are able to install this device on most combination boilers - saving our customers wasting valuable energy and money!


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Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine hopes deadly gas threat storyline will save lives - make sure you get your appliances tested

Jennie McAlpine hopes the storyline will help raise awareness of the silent killer and stop people from having illegal gas work carried out in their homes.

Gas safety body warns the public how to avoid the silent killer

Fiz unconscious after suffering the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Coronation Street’s Christmas and New Year carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning storyline could have done more than keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It could also save their lives.

Millions of Coronation Street fans saw popular character Fiz Brown, played by Jennie McAlpine, 28, suffer from deadly CO poisoning, caused from a faulty gas boiler. Tyrone Dobbs, played by Alan Halsall, unlawfully tried to fix Fiz’s boiler and could face prosecution because he is not on the Gas Safe Register. Fiz was found unconscious on New Year’s Eve, after suffering the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which she mistook for flu.

The scenes mirror real-life deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK every year. Known as the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see it, taste it or smell it, CO is produced when gas appliances are not working properly – either because they have been fitted badly or poorly maintained. In the last year, 50 people have died from CO poisoning and more than 4,000 have been affected.

Jennie McAlpine hopes the storyline will help raise awareness of the silent killer and stop people from having illegal gas work carried out in their homes.

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